Technical Assistance 2.0

XDesk is the software created for Omarlift to ensure professionalism and reliability to manage any question of Technical assistance like installation support or maintenance maneuvers.

Is the first time that there is an optimal order management in the company. Now it is very simple to request support from the company. The only thing that people have to do is communicate the work order number at the specialized operator and he will take care of everything else.

The procedure is very simple: you have to send an email at,  the system saves the request and generates your personal ticket that will become operational when the most suitable technician will be              appointed. When the request will be assigned, the user will receive an email presenting the person in charge, and from this moment the assistance it will be start.

The process is the same even when you call the switchboard at +39035689611. If nobody technical operator is available, the automatic system save the telephone number creating a ticket. In this way it is impossible to lost a call.

The ticket will be closed only when the problem is solved. At the end of the collaboration the user has the possibility to express the level of satisfaction of the assistance received, personal feedback is very important for the company.