Homelift pump units for lift for apartments and flats, a rising market

Lifts for apartments and block of flats, public spaces, interiors and exteriors can be easily installed in contexts where space is limited.

They distinguish themselves for lower price and maintenance costs, as well as for very low energy consumption. These features contribute to the steady growth of the mini-lifts and home lifts market, making living more easy and architectural barriers a thing of the past.

The demand for components for these lifts has also been on the rise considerably recently. We offer two types of mini-lift: with external, or self-contained, motor.

The former are low-consumption lifts which offer a versatile and economical solution, and which give the same comfort as that with the self-contained engine version, but with added significant power savings.

The latter, with a self-contained engine, are innovative and silent, and provide comfort and noise reduction. Find out more on the Homelift pump units.