Technical Assistance Support

What’s news about the management of Technical Assistance Support by OMARLIFT?

One of OMARLIFT core business is to guarantee a constant and punctual technical and commercial support to Customers, direct or indirect.

To improve the service level, OMARLIFT has projected an automatic software that collect, save and organize the technical assistance requests. The system generates a ticket that is processed and submitted to the attention of the appropriate technical operator.

Anyone with an installation or even a single OMARLIFT component can rely on free of charge technical support. There is just one thing that the company ask you, it is necessary to have the Installation number. This is so important because is the element allows to know us all the history of the products and without it, it’s impossible to help you.

There are different types of channels that you can use to request intervention of OMARLIFT technical operators such as: to send an email at, to call the switchboard at (+39) 035 689611 and follow the telematics guide to get in touch with a technician or fill in the forum on the website ( to open an alert and make the ask the assistance.