Keep up with needs: Omarlift & Gearless motors

Omarlift has considered worthwhile to increase its range of products to meet specific customer needs such as MRL system or long travel cars and in similar case it could be useful to have an alternative with Gearless motors.

The models differ mainly in term of motor and brake voltage in addition the load capacity is included from 400kg to 1600 kg scale. To maximizer process management with the interface of the system, all the motors are equipped with the Heidenhain encoder model, designed to maintain the position and angular speed of the mechanical axis movement. Important to notice that all the gearless machines are certificate in order to 81.20/50 European Union legislation

To discover the primary features of those products we suggest you to the visit the Gearless page on Omarlift website. Any way you can always contact the commercial office at +39 035 689648 or if you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to send an email at